MIT College of Food Technology


Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), Pune
Established in 1983

  1. To Harness the knowledge of Science and Technology for the welfare of the societyā€¯
  2. Founded with the collective efforts of many devoted experts having long and outstanding academic experience in the field of profession and education.
  3. Training deserving young men and women, who have an ambition to pursue higher studies in engineering and are desirous of acquiring skills
  4. Striving to make available the much needed expert personnel and skilled manpower to the fast growing industries and institutions in the fields of various branches of engineering.

MAEER has acquired reputation in imparting education since last 29 years in the following faculties throughout India.

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Food technology
  • Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Design
  • Art, Science and Commerce
  • Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education
  • Environmental Protection & Pollution Control
  • Testing, Consultancy, Research and Development
  • The crown is WORLD PEACE CENTRE, UNESCO CHAIR for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace & Tolerance in 1996
Under the roof of MIT Group of Institutions 65000 students from India and abroad are making their careers through 65 institutes and 5000 employees are giving their potentials for the betterment of organization.