MIT College of Food Technology

Food & Industrial Microbiology

Food microbiology is unashamedly an applied science and the food microbiologist’s principal function is to help assure a supply of whole- some and safe food to the consumer. The food and Industrial Microbiology is one of the department included in food technology to create the awareness among the food technologist about need of safe food supply, awareness of hygiene and sanitation in food processing and to study the production of various fermented foods. In order to solve the hunger problem in today’s world and also in coming centuries, Food biotechnology (or genetically modification) offers an additional method to improve the sustainability of existing farmlands and to improve the quality of our food supply. The potential benefits of plant biotechnology are numerous and include providing resistance to crop pests, increasing crop yield and reducing chemical pesticide usage. The processing of food and food ingredients using biotechnology provides a wide variety of fermented foods and food ingredients that are extensively used. This department helps in raising the processed food Quality in terms of nutrition and hygiene.